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Hello wonderful Yuletide writer,
welcome to this year's letter!

19th Century Paleontology RPF | The Divine Cities | The Great Mouse Detective | Pepsi Nex "Momotaro" Commercials


I've been told that not everyone likes letters. If you fall into that category, please feel free to disregard everything but the DNWs. The best fic is the one you had fun writing and this is all optional rambling.

But if you're like me, (I flail like an over-turned beetle when deprived of prompts) maybe this letter will be useful and inspiring? I don't want or expect everything on it in one fic. I doubt such a fic is physically possible, but you're more than welcome to try. Physics isn't the boss of you!

(unless you attempt unassisted flight. that will probably end poorly.)

(unless you have wings. in which case I have SO many questions.)


  • Hurt/Comfort is my id. Anything from this list would make me beyond happy.

  • World building and descriptive prose.

  • A balance of dark and light, fluff and angst, the serious and the absurd

  • Characters trying to better themselves (they may fail repeatedly, but it's the effort I like)

  • Characters with complementing compentencies

  • Snark and banter

  • Found families

  • Random swordfights

  • Espionage, spy tropes, gadgetry

  • People getting tied up

  • Hidden scars (physical or psychological)

  • Wing!fic and magical transformations

  • Secretly Sensitive characters. I have a great love for characters who pretend not to care > instantly turn themselves into a living shield when danger threatens the ones they care about > deny that such a thing ever happened

  • Hugs and backrubs, especially if the recipient is squirmy and doesn't know how to react

  • Grooming/preening/hair brushing

  • Sensuous descriptions of food (or sensuous scenes involving food)

  • Or just crack about naked people covered in cake

  • Optimism!

  • Gen, slash, femslash, het, poly, tentacles… As long as it's consenual feel free to write whatever pairings you like. Sex-pollen and Divinities-made-them-do-it type situations are also fine.

  • I am equally okay with short fic, long fic, and fic that defies traditional attempts at word counts. If you want to try your hand at Interactive Fiction, poetry, or some other alternative prose style, I will be your happy Yuletide guinea pig.


  • Mentions of alzheimer's, dementia, or schizophrenia

  • Explicit scenes featuring under-aged characters or non-con (I am fine with either being mentioned in passing as backstory, but do not want detailed descriptions or eroticization)

  • Incest (there is one exception to this under the Pepsi Commercials)

  • Omegaverse

  • Scat or watersports

And now for the fandom specifics:

19th Century Paleontology RPF | The Divine Cities | The Great Mouse Detective | Pepsi Nex "Momotaro" Commercials


19th Century Paleontology RPF: Bone Wars!

What: Two 19th century paleontologists transform from friends to bitter rivals.

Who: Edward Drinker Cope and Othniel Charles Marsh

Why: The story of these two men and their struggle for one-upmanship via dinosaur bones begs for fic treatment. Marsh is the rough and socially inept farmer's son. Cope is the dandy gentleman's scholar. Against all odds, they become friends. Then everything goes sour and the pair devote the rest of their lives to shaming each other. They wrote vicious slander. They sabotaged each other's sites. And they dug up A LOT of fossils.

Where: Wikipedia, Stuff You Missed in History Class podcast, many books have been published on the subject, and googling "Bone Wars" brings up a slew of results


Foe-yay crack!

Ridiculous epistolary fic of Cope and Marsh slagging each other off! This could happen in period-appropriate letters and scholarly articles, or you could go the modern AU route and show the fall-out of their mad internet flame wars (think of the Wikipedia editing! The butt!headed elasmosaurus .gifs!) .

Or go a for a completely different brand of crack and have them jousting while mounted on uintatheriums and brontosaurs. What would their battle look like with magic, or on an alien planet? How about a what-if alternative history where they made up with each other? The sky is the limit. The Bone Wars was a real historical event, but it's become somewhat mythologized and I personally think the sheer silliness of it lends well to crack.

If crack isn't your thing, Cope and Marsh were constantly scheming and spying, stealing each others finds, and bribing landowners. Marsh accused Cope of breaking into his collections at the Peabody Museum. So fossil heists! Fossil spies! Fossil sabotage!

Feel free to play fast and loose with historical accuracy. You can write spot on period fic, period fic with some of the dates and details fudged, or a steampunk AU with airships and spacewhales. It's all good. Also, feel free to include any other historical figures who interest you, though I would like the focus to remain on Cope and Marsh's epic grudgematch.

Marsh and Cope both seem to have been pretty awful, but if forced to pick I usually end up rooting for Cope as the "good guy".

Finally, I love Dinotopia. I am aware it is not in the tag-set so this is beyond optional, but if you are also a fan and want to write cross-over fic where Marsh and/or Cope get ship-wrecked there I would be very happy to read it. Likewise, if you want to do a fusion with The Great Mouse Detective and turn Cope and Marsh into small rodents.

For this specific fandom I DNW explicit fic.


The Divine Cities

A series by Robert Jackson Bennett about the interactions between the colonial power of Saypur, the subjugated Continent, and the Divinities which once allowed the Continent to impose its bloody will over the entire world.

Who: Any! The tagset is pretty large, but I think I've put down prompts for everyone. Even if I don't prompt for someone specific, feel free to use them. Feel free to use characters not in the tagset as well.

Why: Because I want to immerse myself in this world and explore it to its edges! There is just so much happening in the Divine Cities! There's fantasy, espionage, politic, monsters, romance, family issues, intrigue…

Where: Amazon, various chain stores, the library. The authour also has some beautiful concept art on his webpage.


Use any character in the tag-set. Heck, use any character not in the tag-set if you aren't interested in the ones nominated. Use them all together. Use them individually. I don't care. I just really, really, really want more fic for this fandom.

World building can happen. The universe in the Divine Cities is fascinating. I want to know more of the (conflicting) histories of this place. There are so many questions! Where did the Divinities come from? Why did Saypur have none (or did it have none ? Maybe it did once and they left like Olvos did… Or they were driven away or destroyed…) I want to visit the old organic city of Ahanashtani, to explore the islands of Saypur, to examine the content of the Unmentionable Warehouse (or to see how it was used to grease the wheels of life in the past), to meet some of the Divinity's stranger children. I don't care who you use for this exploration. It could even be someone unnominated, or an original character. I don't even care if it's done textbook style with no real narrative or characters. This world is cool. More please?

I also have character prompts (because I have a lot of prompts for this fandom. Because there is SO MUCH I want to know and see):

For Olvos, what's it like being a Divinity in hiding? What were her interactions with the other Divinities like before she stepped down? Did she foresee the Blink? Does she know what's going to happen next? The Divinities are fascinating to me so feel free to write anything you like about them. Like, if you want to write weird Kolkan/Jukov pwp, you can definitely do that.

Efrem and Shara's friendship while she was training him. Them chatting about Continental history over tea. I see these two as friends, mentor/student. I think Shara is more than a bit hero worshippy, but hides it well. I would love to see the pair of them having a massive, unapologetic nerd-out together.

Fic from Efrem's perspective while he conducted his final mission in Bulikov. His interactions with Mulaghesh.

Last year I asked for backstory for Mulaghesh. Then City of Blades happened and now there is lots of backstory! And this is wonderful, but I would never say no to more. Or to fic about Mulaghesh's misadventures in politics now that she is maybe-maybe-not a little bit Divine. Or perhaps fic about her tenure as Polis Governor in Bulikov. What happened in those three Worldly Regulations Trials where the accused were acquitted? It doesn't really work with canon, but if it strikes you as interesting, Signe/Mulaghesh is a pairing I wouldn't say no to.

Shara and Sigrud's awesome spy adventures before the events of City of Stairs. What happened that time with the darts? How about the dragon? Or all of the other mad operations they ran across the continent for ten years. That is a full decade of fic fodder.

I really don't see Shara and Sigurd as a romantic pairing, but if you wanted to write about them having to fake a marriage/relationship for an op. that would be hilarious and awesome. Bodyswap would also be great. This series has so much potential for magical transformations, and I'd love to see any of the characters dealing with waking up as another person, or a dog, or suddenly a thousand years in the past/future.

Shara list!fic in general. Her brainstorming was my favourite bit of City of Stairs and I was sadly disappointed that it only happened a few times. My second favourite part was her cooking. So if you want to do recipe fic, or spend an extraordinarily long time describing food I would not say no to that!

Fic about the Komayd family. The life of the Kaj. The lives of Shara's parents. Auntie Vinya's childhood, or her experiences raising Shara. Fic about Shara's daughter would be wonderful. I'm sure that the events around her adopting Tatyana were far more complex than what she described.

AU where Shara let Vohannes bring her back to the continent and made her his princess. Could they be happy together? What would their relationship be like? Would they be able to change the Continent for the better?

Vohannes' relationship with his fiance in City of Stairs. His impressions of Saypur while he was attending school.

Sigurd's hilarious fish-out-of-water adventures as a respected political figure.

Fix-it fic for Signe. Her life is so sad, and she is so smart and determined, and I just wish things could have gone better for her. That her and Pandey could have lived happily ever after. That she could have had a chance to make up with her father. That she could've continued being a badass hyper-competent business woman and bringing prosperity to both the Continent and the Dreyling Republic.

***slightly vague spoilers***

I've only just read the promo blurb for City of Miracles, and am currently pretending that I didn't, because while it makes sense and it is a story that I very much want to read, it also made me unreasonably sad considering that these are fictional characters. I'll deal with those events when the book comes out, but for now would prefer not to receive speculation fic based off of them.


The Great Mouse Detective

What: 1986 Disney film where Mouse!Sherlock has a human doppelganger

Who: Any! (nominated characters are Basil, Dawson, Olivia, and Fidget)

Why: It's one of my favourite Disney movies. It has great ambience, acting, and animation. And there's a whole mouse civilization living underfoot in Victorian London. That's really weird. And awesome.

Where: Itunes


Worldbuilding for the mouse society shown in the film. The mice have a Queen who is celebrating her Diamond Jubilee at the same time as Queen Victoria. Is this coincidence or mimicry? Has the mouse Queen really been on the throne for sixty years, or do the mice go by a different calendar? Do other animal kingdoms have royalty? Are the humans aware of the animal societies living under their feet? If so, what are the relationships between humans and working animals like? What are animal societies like in different parts of the world? How do mice celebrate the holiday season?

I also have individual character prompts:

For Dawson: Something about his time in Afghanistan. Fic where Dawson puts his medical skill to use. Fic where Dawson gets to be competent. Other cases he's tackled with Basil of Baker Street. Diary!fic. Fic where Dawson is Olivia's godparent, or teams up with Olivia to try and keep Basil under control.

For Basil: Any kind of hurt/comfort with him and Dawson. I am always happy with hurt/comfort fic. Fic where Basil's manic and addictive tendencies get out of hand? Fic where he jumps in front of a cat to save Dawson? An epilogue to the movie that deals with the fallout from the battle of Big Ben?

For Olivia: Fic about her life after the rescue of her father. Maybe she is inspired to become a detective when she grows up? Fic about her being mentored by Dawson and/or Basil.

For Fidget: Any backstory! How was he injured? How did he end up working for Rattigan? What happened to him after Rattigan threw him from the Dirigible? (I like to think he survived, somehow.)

Even though Fidget is clearly a bad guy in the movie, I feel like he's had a lot of tough breaks in life and maybe fell into crime less because he takes pleasure in being evil, and more because it gave him a sense of belonging? I get the impression that mouse society is more than a bit prejudiced towards things that look like mice but aren't (rats, bats, etc.), and that Fidget has probably spent most of his life as an outsider. Which doesn't excuse his actions, but I'd love redemption fic where he helps any of the above characters solve a case despite none of them trusting him an inch.

Neither here nor there: I love the idea of Olivia's father becoming Basil and Dawson's gadget-supplying "Q".

I'm not for or against ship!fic in this fandom. Pair them up as you see fit! I'm also not adverse to Ratigan showing up.


Pepsi Nex Zero Momotaro Commercials

What: Pepsi has reimagined Japan's Momotaro legend with lots of CGI, explosions, and people in animal costumes.

Who: Any! (nominated characters are Pheasant, Crow, Dog, and Monkey)

Why: The costumes! The explosions! The music! The interpretive dance!

Where: Episodes 0 & 1, Episode 2, Episode 3 You can watch the entire sequence in about fifteen minutes. I promise, you will not regret it.


I've requested ANY for this, which means you can write about anyone in the tagset. You can write about them individually, together, or not at all. World building is a thing you can do.

If you choose the world building route, I'm most interested in the Bird Kingdom seen in episode 3. Are those actual wings or just a bizarre fashion choice? Can they fly? What is day to day life like for ordinary citizens? Do they build nests? I am fascinated and have so many questions…

As for individual characters:

Pheasant and Crow. Or Pheasant/Crow. Can I tell you how much I want Pheasant/Crow fic to be a thing?

When I first watched their commercial it was without English sub-titles and my friend's translation for it went something like:

"Here is the Kingdom of birds. Here are Pheasant and Crow. Clearly they are in the middle of getting married. The text says they're brothers, but you trust me more than those words you can't read, right? Clearly they are soul mates."

They clearly are.

"Now Crow is filled with angst and he is going to do an interpretive dance until his inner-rage demon is released. Pheasant is sad. Pheasant must fight Crow with more dancing and rainbow feathers."

As a result, my head-canon is that Pheasant and Crow are partners in a dysfunctional arranged marriage. You can write about them as actual, adopted, or symbolic brothers depending on your preference, or just ignore that piece of canon altogether.

I would love anything exploring their Power vs. Love dynamic. Preening and wing!fic. Fic about their royal life. Or something exploring Pheasant's angst over Crow after he turns. Or why Crow went evil? Or Pheasant somehow redeeming him...

I'm also quite interested in Dog's backstory, and how he managed to find clothes and learn metal-working while being raised by wolves in the forest. I'd love fic where his behaviour is influenced by his upbringing: howling, thinking about his place in his new "pack", growling at threats, searching for belly rubs... If you want to write it, Dog/Momotaro would not go amiss.

Or ANY backstory for Monkey, since his commercial was apparently never made. Or at least never posted to the internet.

Or the ensemble adventures of Momotaro, Pheasant, Dog, and Monkey! I'm sure those four get up to lots of crazy hi-jinks together. Side-quests. Campfire stories. Helping strangers escape evil demons… I'm not expecting you to stick with the legend on which these commercials were based, so feel free to be creative. Gen is wonderful! Slash is wonderful! Poly is wonderful + friends! There are four good guys here so you could make a sedoretu if you wanted to.

There is so much potential to explore in these commercials. Have fun!


In Conclusion:

Thank you again for being my writer. I wish you a happy yuletide and hope that you receive the fic of your dreams.
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