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(Sorry about the posts so close together. I'm back home again and have time to catch up on things! And there are so many things...)

Fandom_Stocking was brilliant this year! Of course, it's always brilliant, but this year it was especially so.

ETA: Argh, ALL of the code is broked and my attempts at deleting and re-writing aren't doing anything to get rid of all of the random characters. I apologize. It will be fixed(ish) tomorrow but right now I am far too tired to deal with this.

Many, many beautiful things )
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I opened Written?Kitten! earlier tonight, fulling intending to finish my 50ficathon contribution. Instead, this popped out because Blake's 7 has clearly eaten my brain and decided that I should be a flailing fic-producing fangirl for a show that's been off the air since before I was born. Oh brain. But all is not lost, because this was written with one of my h/c bingo prompts in mind... though, with the way it turned out, I don't think it actually is that much of a stranded/survival situation kind of story (no desert islands, no huddling together for warmth), but they are stranded more or less, and there is a survival situation, in that there is a situation which is not helpful to survival...

*waves the hands*

Title: On the Edge
Fandom: B7
Words: 1705
Characters: Avon, Blake
Summary: Blake's brilliant plan went sideways, they didn't get what they came for, the Liberator wouldn't respond, and a squad of Federation troopers chased them through the night... what else could possibly go wrong?


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