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Based on nothing but hunches and madness, but still tucked under a spoiler-cut, because I suppose it is vaguely possible:

The Twelfth Doctor has been trying to teach Missy to be good this series (or, more accurately, to be more like the Doctor, which I'm not certain is the same thing), but in doing so, he's been taking on some Masterly traits himself (example A would be him keeping Missy locked up in the basement in the first place, but there are plenty of things this series which are just slightly... off). So I wonder if the finale will be about who will change more, Missy or the Doctor.

And I feel like the biggest shock twist Moffat could pull, would be not having Simm!Master show up, but instead having Twelve regenerate into a body the Master has used before, and then leave us on a cliff-hanger heading into Christmas on whether or not the Doctor has turned to the dark side.

Yeah... probably not that last bit, but if it does happen you heard it here first, kay?

If there is one continous theme that's been hammered on over and over this series it's the perils of good intentions. Bill's girlfriend in the first episode (who I hope we see again) doesn't want to hurt Bill, the emoji robots kill people because they think that's how to make them happy, the racist guy in Thin Ice justifies his actions by saying that he's saving miners and improving living standards (and getting rich), the Landlord only wants to keep his mother alive but accidentally turns her into something else, in the Monk ttilogy,the Doctor saves Bill... at a cost, and then Bill saves the Doctor, again at cost. The British Soldiers have all sorts of good intentions todays Friday, and just sort of accept it when none of them can be realized. And Car releases a light-eating monster with the best of intentions (and the Doctor tries to takeher place, as he tried to take Bill's place a few episodes before in the Lie of the Land, always with good, but misplaced, intentions).

And now Mondas Cybermen, which are the ultimate Ddoctor Who incarnation of good intentions as paving stones on the way to somewhere else, and also of trying to save something and losing yourself along the way. I'm sort of hoping Twelve will run into either Susan or the First Doctor on this adventure and realize how much he has and hasn't changed throughout his lives, for better and for worse.

I'm also still convinced that there has to be more to Missy being sent to be executed and the Doctor taking an oath to protect her body than we've already seen. There has to be some external force keeping the Doctor to his word. Some reason the TARDIS was acting so oddly in the Mars episode. ight? Or perhaps I'm wrong and that will remain a loose end flapping in the time vortex.

Alternate hypothesis is that Bill has secretly been the Doctor/Susan/Romana this entire time. But I'm really hoping not.

Note: if any of this ends up happening I will be about as shocked as I would've been if Donna actually HAD turned out to be Romana all those years ago.
Date: 2017-06-22 07:19 am (UTC)

lost_spook: (dw - bill)
From: [personal profile] lost_spook
I think from the trailer, that the Simm Master sounded still very much himself - and therefore definitely not the Doctor, but your crack theories are always entertaining.

It's an interesting point about the good intentions - so are we on the road to hell, here? *worries*
Date: 2017-06-23 03:37 am (UTC)

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From: [personal profile] vilakins
I really hope that Bill is just herself too; we've had enough special companions who approached timelordage.

As for the other speculations, I have no idea what's in store, or what they're doing with the Master. I do think the Doctor turned up at Missy's execution to save her, but I hope they do tell us who (of probably a vast number) wanted her dead. She could be reconsidering her past, or acting the part, but I do hope they do something interesting with her (pr Simms-Master) and the Doctor.

I also hope Nardole hangs around, despite the other major changes. I do enjoy him.

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