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Aka the place of plagarism this will be reposted at.

While a complaint function is availlable on the website I recommend against using it except with a throwaway account since there is the possibility that this individual is collecting emails for resale. I would also recommend against browsing the site without a good ad block. I believe that most ads only give profit for click throughs, but some pay based on page views, and we're kind of shooting ourselves in the foot if we increase this guy's profit.

Granted, there is still the possibility that this individual is doing this not for profit, but out of a desire to archive all the fic on lj. Which is a noble cause, except they're doing it wrong.

I honestly don't think anything we do will make this person stop, but hopefully it serves as a fandom wake-up call to how unprivate the internet is. I also think that there are more serious things in the world to get worked up over. I'm not particualary bothered or surprised by this person. It is more fun than it ought to be spammng their scraping feed though. Play safe everyone.
Oct. 13th, 2014 09:51 pm


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Several people on my flist have posted about this, but in the spirit of spreading the word:

There is a person who has, since 2011, been collecting public posts tagged "fanfic" or "fanart" from lj for their personal blog.

They are not posting links to posts. They are importing the entire post contents minus the username attached to it. They do usually link back to the original post. The main problem here isn't that they're reposting fic without permission (though that is an issue); it's that they're reposting everything tagged as fanfic – fest sign-ups, personal rants about writers block, rec posts, etc. This person is obviously not screening their content.

On the one hand, you shouldn't post anything to the internet without realizing it might be re-used and re-posted in ways you never imagined.

On the other hand… wtfbbq?

Since it seems to be an automated posting process, [ profile] lost_spook has come up with the attack plan of writing posts calling them out and then tagging those posts with, you guessed it, FANFIC.

And judging by the first few posts on their blog, it's working. I wonder how long it will take them to catch on?


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